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Ashton, MD


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Trager® sessions, like a massage session, present a tactile sense of a new feeling experience, but also a whole other dimension is added with lush and wonderful sense of ease and freer movement possibilities - really de-stressing and deeply relaxing.

Trager® sessions include gentle bouncing, stroking, elongations, and a variety of playful body movements received in a calming, pleasurable atmosphere. Cumulative in nature, this work promotes ease, physical mobility, and a renewed lasting awareness of agelessness.

Trager® sessions are designed to be both extremely pleasant and effective. The effects are both cumulative and accelerate with each visit. Sessions are generally 60-90 minutes long. Time and frequency of sessions are tailored according to client’s particular needs.

Sessions usually include an interview, assessment, and movement. Clients wear loose clothing. After sessions, practitioners offer individualized movement suggestions to expand upon the positive effects of the work.


To find out more information or to make an appointment, please contact each practitioner directly using the contact information under their name.