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T'ai Chi

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T'ai Chi Chuan is a series of continuous standing movements linked together to create a 37 posture form. The movement is slow. One learns how to relax the muscles, deepen the breath and focus the mind. Daily practice will improve balance, joint flexibility and strength, suppleness and alignment.

It is said that with daily practice of T'ai Chi Chuan over a prolonged period of time one will gain the pliability of a child, the health of a lumberjack and the peace of mind of a sage. Of course, it is also useful for improving athletic performance.

Classes take place on Zoom. No special clothing or equipment is required. Practice can be done anywhere.

Access and Pricing:

  • Please contact Katheryn at 301-943-5993 for the Zoom link and for the monthly class payment.

General Information


  • Katheryn Yasuoka
  • To register for classes and for more information, please call 301-943-5993