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Ashton, MD

Ellie Isaac

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  • Licensed Acupuncturist
  • M.A. in Acupuncture, Tai Sophia (MUIH)
  • B.A. in Psychology, Russell Sage College
  • Phone: 301-474-6753
  • Email: Ellie.Isaac@BlueberryGardens.org
  • Modalities:
    • Acupuncture - ($195 initial session, then $125/hour)
      (Ellie Isaac will provide coded receipts for submission to insurance)

Ellie's journey as an acupuncturists began as a patient. At the heart of this healing journey, she arrived once again, at a meta view of how she aligns herself with her purpose in this world. Ellie declared it as creating a healing space that contains a vision of compassion for the sacredness in all of us, even as we navigate the unknown. Acupuncture became the instrument for this expression.

Ellie uses acupuncture to cultivate and propagate life. Among the many cases that she has treated are: pre and post operative recovery, living well with cancer, improving allergy and digestive challenges, enhancing the fertility prospects in men and women, dissipating and reduction of discomfort while experiencing joint pain.

As a former adjunct faculty at Maryland University of Integrative Health, Ellie served as clinical supervisor in the acupuncture student clinic and as an advisor in the Transformative Leadership Program for many years.