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Yoga I/II

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For students who are experienced with Level 1 yoga postures. Emphasis will be on moving progressively through sequences designed to build endurance and strength while refining alignment and breathing techniques. Includes more challenging variations such as revolved postures, advanced balancing postures and greater core work. Level 1/2 is not intended for students who are new to yoga.

Fall Session

Dates and Time:


  • For a Full 8-Classes Session: $128
  • For more than 8 classes: $16 per additional class
  • For less than 8 classes: $18 per class
  • Drop in: $20 per class
  • Class cancellation policy (for inclement weather, illness or other emergencies): I will send you an email by 2:00 PM on Tuesday afternoon to let you know if we are not having a class. I will include all registered, prorated and drop-in students on the email. If, however, you have questions you may always call me at: 301-854-0767 Or email me at djmartin7@earthlink.net


  • Instructor: Debbie Martin
  • To register for classes and for more information, please call 301-854-0767