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Ashton, MD


QiGong is an ancient Chinese health care system that integrates gentle physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention that dates back to 4,000 years ago.

"Qi" is your life energy or what other traditions might call prana, mana, lung, ruah, spirit, vital force, élan vital to name a few. "Gong/Kung" is cultivation of work and includes practice, mastery, skill and merit.

There are many "forms" of QiGong in the world. At Blueberry Gardens, we offer the energetic forms given to us by Chan Zhang in series sessions: Back Care, Dance of the Phoenix, Morning QiGong and Dance with the Seasons-the Elements.

Anyone can do Qigong. Especially those who need to open the flow in the internal body systems. It can be done standing or seated. QiGong is a way for you to reconnect with your body again. It is calm and rooted and does not require excessive exertion. It is a gentle moving meditation for the body, mind, spirit.

Practicing daily for 20 minutes will help open the blockages in the body that keep it from operating at full function.

Michelle Dubreuil Macek has been certified in all 4 forms by Chan Zhang who taught at the former "Tai Sophia" for 25 years.


To register for classes and for more information, please call 410-736-9311, visit the Biodanza website or visit Michelle Dubreuil Macek's website.