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Dance of the Phoenix Qi Gong

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This is an 9 week training during which you will learn two forms of gentle movement Qi Gong, one called Back Care and the second Dance of the Phoenix. It is a particularly powerful form to practice daily for one's health and wellness. Results from clinical research showed improvement in fibromyalgia patients so it's beneficial for joint pain. Gentle and easy to do, anyone can attend and be successful at Qi Gong. It can be done seated or standing. Open to all ages. Come embrace your wellness and rise with the phoenix!

Michelle Dubreuil Macek is certified by Master Chan Zhang who taught at the former Tai Sophia for 25 years to share and teach the four energetic forms given to her by spirit.

Form PDF Dance of the Phoenix Qi Gong Flyer


To register for classes and for more information, please Contact Michelle Dubreuil Macek at 410-736-9311, email lifedanceme@gmail.com or visit the website.