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Ashton, MD

Forrest Yoga

Come enjoy a 60 minute yoga practice to reset and restore. All levels and abilities welcome. No experience necessary. Just bring your curiosity!

Through our sessions together we will dive into deep breathing techniques to get grounded, use intention setting to engage the mind in unifying body and spirit, and explore ways to build strength and release tension that are unique to your individual needs. Through this practice you will learn to cultivate a closer, more compassionate relationship with yourself to take off the yoga mat and into your life.

Forrest Yoga is renowned globally as a powerfully physical, internally focused Ceremonial yoga practice that emphasizes how to carry a transformative experience from the yoga mat into daily life. It is based on the four pillars of Breath, Integrity, Strength, and Spirit.

Forrest Yoga Pricing

  • One 60 minute class for $20
  • Four classes for $50
  • Ten classes for $100
  • Private Yoga sessions are also available.

Classes must be prepaid: Venmo @babbsbergner


  • Babbs Bergner
  • To register for classes and for more information, please contact Babbs Bergner at babbs.bergner@blueberrygardens.org